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The emphasis has been placed on gloves as an undeniably important safety item that needs to be available to employees in the work environment at all times. Workers in Construction, Utility Companies, Maintenance, Transit, Industrial, Automotive, Electrical, Environmental, Emergency Medical Service, Fire Departments, and more know the value of a simple tool that works to keep their gloves close at hand!

The uses for Glove Guard® and Utility Guard® clips hardly stop with gloves or even with work uses! The following is a list of just some of the innovative ways that users have reported employing these versatile clips:

Utility bags holding ear plugs and safety glasses
Cloth sleeve protectors
Mechanic towels
Ear protectors
Water bottles
Baseball caps
Hard hats
Garden gloves
Golf clubs
Golf gloves
Golf towels
Scuba hose (keeps hose close to the diver's body)
Hunter's gloves
Ski gloves
Ski goggles
Toboggan hats
Ski lift ticket
Key rings

Let your imagination go! What special use could you put these handy clips to? Glove Guard® and Utility Guard® hold just about anything they can get a grip on!

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