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Utility Guard
Utility Guard
Utility Guard
Utility Guard
Utility Guard
Utility Guard
Utility Guard
Utility Guard

Utility Guard

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The Utility Guard® clip was originally designed to reduce hand injuries by keeping gloves available to workers at all times and reducing glove replacement costs. It comes in handy in any outdoor activities, allowing the wearer to keep gloves, towels, hats, or other items clipped on.

The tough, engineered grade material keeps a tight grip in all types of weather, even after thousands of uses. The top piece of the clip slips easily and snugly over a belt or a heavy waistband. The clamp end attaches to a variety of glove sizes and any number of other articles such as cloth sleeve protectors, mechanic towels, ear muffs, water bottles, and much more. The Utility Guard® clip holds just about anything it can get a grip on!

Safety features include:

  • non-conductive material,
  • resistance to flex fatigue, and
  • a break-away feature.

Along with the original Glove Guard® clip, which is a standard safety item in many companies already, the Utility Guard® clip is fast becoming as common as hard hats and safety glasses. More features:

  • Compliments PPE & VPP safety programs.
  • Standard safety slogans or custom imprinting available.
  • Available in Yellow, High-Vis Yellow, Granite, Red, High-Vis Pink, Blue, Black, Green, High-Vis Lime Green, Olive Green and Blaze Orange.
  • Made in the USA.

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