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Utility Bag - Open Mesh
Utility Bag - Open Mesh
Utility Bag - Open Mesh

Utility Bag - Open Mesh

Price Breaks

Quantity Price
1 $4.51
24 $3.77
200 $3.77
500 $3.77
1,000 $3.70
2,500 $3.62
4,000 $3.55
5,500 $3.47
7,000 $3.35
10,000 $3.28
25,000 $3.20
50,000 $3.13
100,000 $3.05
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The Utility Bag™ is capable of holding 1.5 pounds, even during sudden stops. The mesh style bag was specially designed to breathe so that it could hold a worker's gas meter securely, but it also comes in handy in dozens of other contexts!

Each bag comes with an attached clip in your choice of the small clamp or the belt clip. (Please note that the clip cannot be detached from the bag.)

The mesh bags are available in 3"x5", 5" x 8" and 7" x 10" sizes.

Utility Bags from Glove Guard - clips on to belt loops, belts, or waist bands to hold items securely!

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